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Offering Rhino is better than having a cash deposit on hand. We protect homes like a deposit would while helping boost occupancy rates.

Residential building in downtown with river views and walkway - Rhino can help make this affordable.

How to use Rhino

Residential complex with walkway views - Rhino can help make this affordable.

Rhino’s benefits for owners

  • Lease faster and increase NOI

    Options that provide affordability are in high demand. Offering Rhino is a powerful closing tool that helps owners get more applicants in the door and fill vacancies faster.

  • Strong and flexible protection

    Rhino’s data-driven underwriting evaluates the risk of each renter and keep owners protected from excessive damage and unpaid rent. Residents can sign up for Rhino to replace their cash deposit or use Rhino as their guarantor.

  • Partnership that adds value

    Rhino works to support leasing teams at every step of the process. Along with hands-on onboarding, we provide marketing support and a claims process that lets owners recoup losses in less than a week.

Rhino works, ask around

Every property has their own Rhino story

Every property has their own Rhino story

Read about some of our partnerships to learn more about the wide-ranging benefits of Rhino

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