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Rhino replaces your traditional security deposit with smart, affordable security deposit insurance.

How Rhino’s security deposit insurance works

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With security deposit insurance you don’t need to wait for a refund. Once you find your new place, save on your deposit again by asking about Rhino.

We’ve saved renters over $1 Billion.

Rhino is trusted in over 2 million homes across the United States. On average, Rhino renters save over 90% on moving costs. We’d say the choice is obvious, but we may be biased.

Less hassle, more money in your wallet

Move-in is more affordable

Rhino covers your rental just like a cash deposit would without the upfront cost.

Financial flexibility and choice

Rhino covers your rental just like a cash deposit would, while giving you options.

Trusted by renters and owners

Rhino works with your property to make sure your coverage is correct and streamlines move-in and move-out.


Trusted in 2.5M Homes Nationwide

Rhino is America’s leading deposit platform

You no longer have to scramble to come up with hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars for a security deposit.

Natalie Mckinstry

I appreciate having been given the option of paying a small premium, up front, rather than providing a large deposit, to be held to the end of my lease.

Jerry Schutt

I applied with an apartment complex that uses Rhino and was able to move within a week because of paying my deposit in payments instead of all at once.


Need a lease guarantor? We’ve got you.

Rhino works directly with your property to guarantee your lease, so you can move-in with ease.

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How does security deposit insurance work?

Rhino's Security Deposit Insurance product replaces cash deposits with smart, affordable insurance. Renters pay Rhino a small fee (instead of a large cash deposit), and the policy secures the home for the property owner in case of damages or unpaid fees.

What does security deposit insurance cover?

Our policies secure your home for the property owner in case of any damages or unpaid amounts, such as unpaid rent. If a loss is incurred during the course of your lease, you will be responsible for reimbursing Rhino for the approved claim amount.

How much does a Rhino security deposit insurance policy cost?

Policies can start at as low as $4 a month, or some renters may pay upfront. Pricing is unique to each renter and is based on factors such as your security deposit amount, credit score, and more.

Am I eligible for Rhino?

Your credit score, required deposit amount, rental home’s location, and prior claims history with Rhino are examples of factors that may impact your eligibility, pricing, or payment options. Your individual deposit fulfillment option(s) are displayed after your Rhino application.

Do I get my payments back at the end of my lease?

Rhino replaces the need for a large security deposit and your payments are not refunded at the end of your lease. Rhino fulfills the same requirement as a deposit, but at a fraction of the cost.

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