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Why we're here

There's over $190 billion stuck in security deposits.
We're here to set it free.

By cutting upfront costs, we're providing better access to living and working spaces and putting more money back in renters' pockets.

More open doors

Rhino reduces move-in costs, which means more options and better quality of life for residents.

More fuel for growth

Businesses who choose Rhino over traditional deposits free up thousands in liquid cash.

Fewer empty spaces

By making more spaces accessible for renters, Rhino fills vacancies faster for landlords.

We know real estate

We've partnered with industry experts to change the real estate business for the better.

We leverage a network of seasoned professionals and innovators to make real change where it counts. Because improving the industry doesn't mean reinventing the wheel.

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Our Founding Team

Paraag Sarva

Chief Executive Officer

Ben Lantos

Chief Operating Officer

Bryan Woods

Chief Technology Officer

Ankur Jain


Our Investors

Want to know more?

Just tell us why you're interested in Rhino and we'll put you in touch with the best person to talk to.