Renters Insurance

Protection for your home and the things you love

Add renters insurance to your security deposit insurance to maximize your protection. Be ready for anything and everything. Starting at $12/month.

All the protection you need. All in one place.

Bundle your coverage by selecting renters insurance as an add-on when you sign up for Rhino’s security deposit insurance.

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in personal property coverage


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Medical Payments


in Additional Living Expenses

Maximum protection for what matters most.

Your personal laptop is stolen from your apartment or your car

$15k in personal property coverage means you get paid when your stuff is damaged or stolen.

Someone gets in an accident at your home

Cover up to $500 medical payment expenses when someone gets injured at your home.

Someone sues you for damage from a fire in your home

$100k in liability coverage protects you from lawsuits when something goes wrong at home.

Your home becomes unlivable

Access up to $3,000 for your hotel or rental if a covered event like a windstorm makes your home unlivable.