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Move into the home you love. Save money while you do it.

Rhino replaces your security deposit with a small monthly payment. Enter an address to see how much cash you can save.

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How Rhino Works

Moving is expensive enough without large, upfront security deposits eating up your savings. Now, there’s a better way.


Apply for the apartment you want


See how much you'll save with Rhino


Move in and keep the extra cash

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What will you do with your extra cash?

Check out how Rhino renters are using all the money they saved from not having to pay a security deposit.

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This is a shout-out to Rhino! Rhino made it easy to get our first apartment together. We didn't pay a security deposit, so we saved thousands and went on vacation to West Palm Beach Florida this summer! We had so much fun on our quick getaway! Remember to use Rhino when you move!

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saved $ on my move and paid down my student loan ahead of schedule. Thanks @sayrhino

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Freq and I are finally settled in down in Houston. We’ve been able to play more, have more fun, and less worries thanks to @sayrhino. I don’t have to worry about struggling to get groceries, dog food, or even bills because I save so much money not having to pay a deposit on my apartment. THANKS @sayrhino !!

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Take Rhino to work!

Save big on your office or retail space - and put that money back into your business.