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We make renting easier.

Whether you're renting a space to live in or work in, Rhino clears the path with instant approvals and no deposit required.

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Deposit-Free™ Living

Simple cash deposit alternatives for residential spaces.

Residential Deposit Replacement

All the same assurances, no upfront deposit required.

Cashless Deposit Management

Easy online payment, processing, and reimbursement.

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Deposit-Free™ Working

Practical lease protection for commercial spaces.

Commercial Deposit Replacement

Trade costly upfront deposits for business-friendly monthly coverage.

Simplified Documentation

Replace deposits and letters of credit with standardized insurance for every lease.

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We don't like
empty spaces.

Rhino was created to get responsible tenants into the spaces they want to live in and work in. By reducing upfront costs and streamlining approvals, we get rentals off the market and happily occupied faster.

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