Renting is now deposit-free

Rhino is the security deposit alternative that's easier on your mind and wallet.

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Security deposit insurance replaces the need to pay a cash deposit.

It just makes sense.


Smarter spending

Pay less and save more at move-in.


Less hassle

Avoid the headache of getting your deposit back, if you can get it back.


Keep your cash

Choose how you spend your money today, not a year from now.

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Step 1
Check if you’re renting a Rhino home.
Your property owner needs to offer Rhino as an option. See if you can sign up.
Step 2
Get a quote that’s just for you.
Answer a few questions about your finances that’ll help us provide you with a personalized price.
Step 3
Choose how you want to pay.
You decide if you want to pay in monthly installments or all at once.
Step 4
You’re ready to move in!
We'll let your property owner know that you satisfied your security deposit requirement. You’re still on the hook with Rhino if you don’t pay your rent or cause damage to the apartment. Don’t worry, we’ll make sure to work with you every step of the way.
4.5 golden stars

Rhino renters love ditching the deposit. Our rating on Google says it all.

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