As of 2024, the multifamily industry continues to evolve, propelled by technological advancements that redefine the way properties are managed and tenants are served. Software as a Service (SaaS) tools have emerged as indispensable assets, offering property managers innovative solutions to streamline operations, enhance renter satisfaction, and maximize revenue. Let's explore a comprehensive list of top-tier SaaS tools tailored specifically for the multifamily sector, encompassing both established platforms and cutting-edge innovations.

Property management softwares

  • AppFolio: A comprehensive solution for property management, AppFolio automates daily tasks, manages leases, tracks finances, and provides tenant portals for seamless communication and payment processing.

  • Buildium: Trusted by thousands of property management companies worldwide, Buildium offers powerful features for accounting, leasing, maintenance tracking, and communication, enabling efficient portfolio management.

  • Rhino: With over two million homes now offering Rhino's solution, Rhino is the fastest, easiest, and most affordable way for renters to meet their move-in requirements. For property managers, we offer a way to close leases faster, reduce overhead, and increase bottom lines. Renters enjoy the advantages of our streamlined, stress-free process, providing enhanced financial flexibility, while property managers seamlessly integrate Rhino with their existing systems (such as Yardi, Realpage, etc.), empowering them to incorporate our solutions into their current operations effortlessly.

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems

  • Salesforce: Customizable for the multifamily industry, Salesforce helps manage leads, track communications, and streamline the leasing process, enhancing customer relationship management.

  • HubSpot: With its robust CRM capabilities, HubSpot enables property managers to nurture leads, automate workflows, and deliver personalized experiences, driving tenant satisfaction and retention.

Maintenance management solutions

  • Maintenance Connection: Streamlining the maintenance process, Maintenance Connection facilitates efficient tracking of requests, scheduling repairs, and communication with service providers, ensuring timely resolution of issues.

  • Property Meld: Focused on proactive maintenance, Property Meld offers intuitive tools for managing maintenance requests, optimizing workflows, and enhancing the overall tenant experience.

Virtual tour and 3D modeling software

  • Matterport: Providing immersive virtual tours, Matterport enhances marketing efforts by allowing potential tenants to explore properties remotely, attracting a broader audience and accelerating leasing cycles.

Energy management systems

  • Enertiv: Monitoring and optimizing energy usage, Enertiv helps multifamily properties reduce costs and promote sustainability through data-driven insights and actionable recommendations.

Data analytics and reporting tools:

  • Tableau: Offering powerful data visualization capabilities, Tableau enables property managers to gain actionable insights into market trends, tenant behavior, and operational efficiency, facilitating data-driven decision-making.

  • Google Analytics: Providing deep insights into website traffic and user behavior, Google Analytics helps property managers optimize marketing strategies, track campaign performance, and maximize online visibility.

Each of these SaaS tools brings unique advantages to the table, enabling property managers to optimize operational efficiency, enhance renter satisfaction, and drive sustainable growth in the multifamily industry. By staying abreast of the latest technological advancements and embracing innovative solutions, property managers can navigate the complexities of modern property management with confidence and success.

Haley Samuels

Haley is a Consumer Marketing Manager at Rhino.