As we step into a new year, property owners and managers are seeking innovative tools that not only simplify their processes but also enhance the renting experience for their tenants. In this blog post, our spotlight is on Rhino, a groundbreaking platform that's redefining security deposits and setting a new standard in the industry. We'll explore how Rhino benefits property owners, discuss its impact on renters, and suggest some additional helpful tools for seamless living.

Rhino for Landlords

Rhino is the first deposit platform for the rental industry – offering your renters simple and affordable digital deposit options while also:

  • Offering financial flexibility in form of low-cost security deposit insurance – allowing eligible renters to save up to 90% on their move-in costs 

  • A streamlined rental experience that has been proven to speed up leasing velocity and make the deposit process easier for your renters and your sit teams 

  • Deposit returns are handled digitally and returned to the appropriate party (withholdings go to your team with the remaining balance to your renter). 

For more information, check out Rhino’s website to learn more and sign up today. 

Rhino for Renters

Renters have the choice between two convenient options to meet their security deposit requirements: sign up for a security deposit insurance policy (subject to eligibility) or opt for the ease of paying your cash deposit through Rhino. The flexibility extends to payment structures, allowing you to choose between an upfront cash deposit or convenient monthly/annual premium payments.

For those eligible for the security deposit insurance option, enjoy significant upfront savings with an affordable fee. Rhino covers their rental, meeting the same deposit requirement at a fraction of the cost. Say goodbye to the waiting game for deposit returns – as long as there are no outstanding amounts or damages, they won't owe anything beyond the agreed-upon fee.

Alternatively, if renters prefer the traditional security deposit route, Rhino ensures transparency. Renters can keep track of their cash with access to information on where your deposits are held and how they are managed. Digital handling of deposit returns simplifies the process, allowing them to withdraw their funds directly to your bank account. 

Additional tools that can help empower renters

Whether it's finding professionals for home improvement, dealing with tech-related issues, or handling day-to-day tasks, these platforms can provide a convenient solution. Share this list with your renters to empower them with the resources they need:

  • TaskRabbit: TaskRabbit connects renters with local freelance service providers for various tasks, such as cleaning, moving, or assembling furniture.

  • Rhino Renters Insurance: Rhino provides renters insurance with a focus on affordability and flexibility, offering a security deposit alternative that makes it easier for renters to move into a new place.

  • Havenly: Havenly is an online interior design platform that can help renters personalize and decorate their living spaces with professional guidance, even on a budget.

  • MyBuilder: MyBuilder connects users with local tradespeople for home improvement projects, including construction, plumbing, and electrical work.

  • HelloTech: HelloTech connects users with tech experts who can assist with home electronics setup, troubleshooting, and other technology-related tasks.

Position yourself for success and pave the way for your renters to experience effortless living in 2024.

Haley Samuels

Haley is a Consumer Marketing Manager at Rhino.