Once you find a property management software that works for your team and supports your entire portfolio, you’d be reluctant to change it. At Rhino, we recognize how important it is for you to operate from an all-in-one PMS. It saves your on-site team time, and improves resident experience, enabling management to maintain and operate smoothly at every property. This is why we seamlessly integrate with six property management softwares: Yardi Voyager, RealPage (OneSite and On-Site), Entrata, Rent Manager, Salesforce, and MRI. The Rhino platform offers the most integration options of any security deposit insurance provider. We’re constantly expanding our integrations and PMS partnerships. 

Take your efficiency to the next level. By integrating with Rhino, you’ll be able to access the Rhino Portal from your existing PMS. You’ll be able to leverage your existing data to easily automate invitations to renters and improve renter experience with Rhino’s security deposit insurance. See how Rhino can transform your renter experience, and what the Rhino integration can do for your ops team.

What is the Rhino Portal?

The Rhino Portal is your centralized home base for resident enrollment, tracking insurance policies, and measuring your properties’ growth and coverage. Through the Rhino Portal, you can invite your residents to use Rhino, edit invitations and policy information, and track renter engagement. 

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By connecting the Rhino Portal to your property management software, you empower your property management teams and on-site teams. Your Rhino Portal can make coverage amount specific based on property, automate invitations and reminders to renters who still need to enroll, and use resident data from your property management software to save your teams time and energy.

The portal is easy to navigate and to integrate with your PMS, and the process is made even easier by the Rhino partner success team. 

Four reasons to connect your Rhino Portal to your PMS

1. Flexibility in property coverage

No matter the size of your multifamily residential portfolio, we can offer flexible and specific coverage for renters across all your properties.  Whether you manage 100 or 1,000 properties, the Rhino integration accounts for different deposit requirements with default coverage amounts per property or per unit.

By integrating Rhino with your PMS, we can give your renters the most accurate policy quotes based on their lease information, and assure that each individual pays an appropriate amount to protect your units. With the right coverage amount, residents can get a cost-effective quote they like quickly and boost occupancy: 92% of Rhino partners expand the number of units that offer Rhino within 90 days.

2. Perfect timing... every time 

Rather than inviting new residents manually after every lease signing, Rhino can time invitation delivery through your resident management system. Once you’ve approved a resident through your property management software, you can set invitations to be sent automatically. Once the invitation has been received, you can track renter engagement with the invitation and their policy on your Rhino Portal. Timed invitations introduce Rhino to renters at the perfect time, resulting in higher acceptance from new residents.

3. Unique data validation and insights 

The more data you integrate with the portal, the more insights you can glean from Rhino. Once you’ve integrated with Rhino, data from your property management software will auto-populate in the Rhino portal without any effort from your on-site team. Rhino Portal can also update policy information for residents and identify policies that are missing data, making it clear to property management teams where to take action.

Data from your property management software also tracks renter engagement with the product: Which units are covered, at which properties, in what state, and which policies have been renewed vs canceled. As you pitch Rhino to your renters, it’s incredibly valuable to know how residents interact with Rhino throughout the deposit process! It can improve your leasing process and how you pitch Rhino.

Even more exciting: The Rhino product team is always identifying innovative ways for your property management software and Rhino Portal to communicate and share data. We are currently creating a system in which any updates that happen in your PMS will auto-update the Rhino renter’s policy. These automated policy updates will save your team time and energy as they navigate the Portal. 

4. Comprehensive (and human) support 

What really sets Rhino apart is our dedication to our partners. Our partner success team sets you up for success, seamlessly syncing Rhino with your current PMS during the onboarding process and training your team on how to use Rhino Portal. Rhino also is the only deposit alternative that offers comprehensive support after the initial onboarding, including access to a specific representative and our highly responsive partner success team. Learn more about our integration process below.

quote image from Bryan Woods, Co-Founder and CTO of Rhino reading "Our integrations team and property management systems speak the same language, so all our partners need to do is connect us together. We send tens of thousands of automated invites to renters each day."

How to integrate with Rhino 

Do you operate on Entrata, Yardi Voyager, RealPage, Rent Manager, Salesforce, or MRI? Let’s get started. 

Integrating with Rhino happens in three steps, with our support team hands-on at every moment:

  1. Enable Rhino as a verified vendor via your PMS marketplace or simply provide API user credentials, property data, and coverage to your Rhino Partner Success Representative.  

  2. The Rhino engineering team configures the integration to pull data from your property management software.

  3. You can now enable the automated invites after your staff are on-boarded and trained.

Once you’re off the ground and running, you can gather policy data to improve your leasing process and save your team time. It’s no wonder Rhino is the preferred choice for NMHC Top-50 owners across the country. Industry leaders trust the Rhino integration to keep them ahead of the curve. 

Interested in learning more about our integrations for your property management software? Contact our partner success team here

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KT Heins-Nagamoto

KT Heins-Nagamoto is a senior brand writer at Rhino. They advocate for security deposit alternatives and renter rights in everything they write.