We’re kind of obsessed with the Sunshine State. The cost of living is low, the beaches are beautiful, the job market is promising, and the weather is warm, all contributing to a better quality of life. Because Florida is so large, it has a number of small beach towns and big cities, each with its own culture and community. It can make it hard to choose where to move when there are so many options to choose from, especially if you’re not familiar with the state.

If you’re considering relocating, we recommend doing your research to figure out where the best places to live are in Florida first, then considering affordability, safety, and your lifestyle, determine the perfect fit for you and your family. 

What are the best cities to live in Florida?


If you google “best places to live in Florida,” chances are Miami is at the top of everyone’s list. And for good reason. Known for its glamorous beaches with “white sugar sand” and its nightlife, Miami is nicknamed the “Magic City” and is conveniently located between Fort Lauderdale and Key Largo in South Florida. The city’s character is heavily influenced by Cuban-American culture, and is home to Little Havana, a thriving latin neighborhood in the downtown area. There you can find mural art on the streets, delicious street food, and attend many festivals including the Calle Ocho and the Three Kings Parade. 

A photo of apartment buildings in Miami near the beach

If you’re set on moving to Miami, it’s likely that you prefer a fast paced lifestyle and going out, rather than staying in. But if you’re seeking somewhere a little quieter, you could also apartment hunt in vibrant Miami Beach, which while still rowdy, is outside of the city. Many condominiums such as Mirador 1000 located right on the water, offer Rhino security deposit insurance, which will save you from paying a cash security deposit at move-in.  


When Rhino renter Neil Morte visited his girlfriend’s family in Jacksonville, he fell in love. Jacksonville may be the most populous city in Florida, but it still has its small-town charms and abundant access to nature, including the best sandy beaches, sprawling golf courses, three national parks, and seven state parks nearby. All this made Neil feel right at home. 

The one barrier to his move was the security deposit, but lucky for Neil, he recommended that his landlord offer Rhino security deposit insurance, which was less expensive than paying a cash deposit upfront. Neil is now living in Jacksonville, attending medical school and soaking up the sunshine, after being able to move comfortably. 

“Rhino [was] very helpful in being able to keep that money and be able to save for ourselves and our basic necessities,” - Neil Morte, Rhino Renter 

If you love theme parks, that probably means you’ll love Orlando located in Central Florida. If you’ve been daydreaming of living close to Walt Disney World and Universal Studio parks, now’s the time to make it a reality. Gorgeous Orlando is a vacation destination for many, but could be your forever home. 

While the city’s landscape does include well-loved theme parks, a thriving food scene, and many museums, O-town can be downright homey. The city is covered with grassy lawns and surrounded by lush suburbs and neighborhoods that are known for their family homes, great schools, local barbeque, and indie boutiques. For example, the Park-Highland neighborhood houses the Harry P. Leu Gardens, a stunning 50-acre botanical garden including Florida’s largest formal rose garden. What a perfect place to spend a Saturday. 


Tampa is unlike any other city on the Gulf Coast, known for its distinct arts and and boating culture in this gorgeous coastal city.  Tampa Museum of Art exhibits everything from contemporary art to classical antiquities, while Contemporary Art Museum at the University of South Florida presents pieces from student and major artists in the industry at the same time. What a special way to celebrate local Floridians. 

Want to see everything downtown Tampa has to offer in just 2.4 miles? Take the Tampa Riverwalk along the city’s downtown waterfront, and you’ll see that residents get to enjoy the bustle of a residential big city complete with parks, shops, and restaurants. 

A photo of the city of Tampa with a blue sky and blue ocean

Should you ever want to get out of Tampa for the weekend, the city shares Tampa Bay with other Florida cities, Clearwater and St. Petersburg. These three cities border the bay, which means Tampa residents are just a short boat ride from even more of Florida’s best beaches, museums such as The Salvador Dali Museum, aquariums, and restaurants in neighboring metropolitan areas. 

You don’t have to break the bank to move to downtown Tampa. Rhino is available at NoHo Flats, a luxury apartment community located in North Hyde Park, where you can enjoy all of the downtown scene but live nestled next to the nearby intercoastal for boating, paddle boarding, and kayaking. All this and you don’t have to worry about a security deposit when you sign your lease. 


Located on the Florida Panhandle, close to the Florabama border, is Pensacola, and this city is a total gem. Pensacola reveres and preserves its natural beauty, with Pensacola Beach and close-by Santa Rosa Island, being a natural habitat to baby sea turtles, sandpipers, and dolphins. Residents get to co-exist with this beautiful ecosystem on white sand beaches, all while enjoying access to the Florida Gulf Coast, where the water temperatures average 72 degrees

A photo of the beach at Sunset on Pensacola

For those seeking a little more action, the city of Pensacola is a bustling metro area with many seafood restaurants and bars open late. The city hosts crowds from a number of nearby military bases, including the Naval Air Station. As a result, you can catch an entertaining air show from the U.S. Navy Blue Angels or swing by the National Aviation Museum to learn more about our nation’s military history.

While housing costs and real estate in this area can be a little pricey for growing families, you can always rent a new home from Team Sandy Blanton Realty, who offers Rhino as a way to save on your upfront moving costs.  

It’s easy to fall in love with a city on your first visit, but when it comes to moving. That’s why we recommend expanding your horizons to consider all of these incredible Florida cities, each with its own range of affordability, and its own cultural characteristics. One thing’s for sure, you can’t go wrong with relocating to Florida, especially with so many apartment and rental properties offering Rhino. Rhino security deposit insurance can save you thousands when you make a big move, and help you get a rental home that meets all of your needs. And what’s more important than feeling at home when you move somewhere new? Get a free quote from Rhino today.

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