Touring an apartment can be stressful and full of compromises. Square footage, amenities, apartment safety and condition; there are so many apartment features to learn about in a short period of time. Here at Rhino, we want you to get the apartment of your dreams.

Ask the right questions and get all the information you need from your next in-person viewing with our apartment tour checklist.

Apartment tour checklist

Before you book an apartment viewing or show up to an open house, you’ll need to prepare. Determine what’s absolutely crucial to your well-being when creating a must-have list and come with an apartment tour checklist. An apartment tour checklist will guide you through the tour, assuring that you have assessed all safety features, the apartment’s condition, and considered the amenities the apartment provides. Going through your checklist now can save you a headache and money. You can also control how long the apartment tour will take, by having an exact process. 

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Apartment safety checklist

It’s easy to overlook the simplest of features when you request an apartment tour. The most important things to look out for during your apartment tour come down to safety. 

  • Is there a smoke detector? Is it up to date and fully functional? 

  • Is there a carbon-monoxide detector?

  • Does the door have more than one lock? Is there a deadbolt for added security? If not, can you have one installed?

  • Do the windows lock? Especially if that window leads to a fire escape. 

  • If the apartment has a balcony, make sure the lock is tight and secure.

  • Is the lighting in the common hallways bright enough to come home to at night?

  • Inspect the walls, floors, and ceiling to ensure there is no water damage or mold. 

Apartment condition checklist

While your future pad could be exactly your style, it might not have everything you need to be comfortable. Your questions for the apartment tour should address the condition you find it in, and whether or not your essential amenities are available to you. An internet connection or a microwave may not always be included. Before you start visualizing how to decorate your apartment, scope out these key elements first.

  • What Internet provider is available, and where is the hookup? 

  • Does the apartment come with every vital appliance such as a refrigerator, microwave, stove, and oven?

  • Are these appliances in good working order, and is it your responsibility to fix them if they break down? 

  • How’s the water pressure? Does the apartment have quick access to hot water? Check every faucet and the shower head to verify.

  • Do you know where the circuit breaker is? Is it easy to access in case of a power outage?

  • Bring a phone charger to test every outlet, and make sure there are enough outlets in each room.

  • Are there closets in the apartment or the bedroom? Confirm there is enough space for your belongings. 

Graphic Quote for Apartment Tour Checklists, "Rhino Renters Blog Tip: Bring a phone charger with you on your apartment tour to test every outlet. Make sure there are enough outlets in each room."

Building amenities checklist

Be sure to ask these questions during your apartment tour to learn just how reliable these additional benefits are. 

  • Is the neighborhood safe? Walk the neighborhood with a friend or family to get a feel for where you'll be living. Or research online ahead of time.

  • What’s the laundry situation? Is there in-unit laundry? Are there laundry machines in the basement? If not, where’s the closest laundromat?  

  • What crucial businesses are nearby? Can you walk to the grocery store, the pharmacy, or a good coffee shop?

  • What other shared amenities are there? Is there a gym, office space, an outdoor gathering space, a dog park or anything else you’d like in the building?

  • How are you getting your packages delivered? Is there a mailroom or another safe space for packages to go if you’re not available to sign for them?

  • Where does the trash and recycling go? Is there a garbage chute? Is there recycling or compost? When do they get picked up?

  • Is there any other storage space available to renters?

  • Is the building pet friendly? If so, is there a pet fee or any pet restrictions?

  • Does the apartment accept security deposit insurance? One of the best ways to save on upfront costs and secure the apartment of your dreams is to opt for security deposit insurance instead of paying an upfront fee. 

Virtual apartment tours 

If you’re trying out a virtual apartment tour, many things that would be obvious during a tour in person may be harder to ascertain. Make sure to check out our upcoming virtual apartment tour checklist for some quick tips!

The next time you schedule an apartment tour, consider taking your time to really go over everything on your checklist. While it’s a little more involved than a quick once over, having all of the safety and amenity details upfront will help you make better decisions when choosing your next apartment.

Have questions about the move-in costs? When you tour an apartment in-person, be sure to ask the property manager, leasing agent, or landlord about Rhino. Security deposit insurance can save you thousands before you move. Sign up to learn more.

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