Three reasons to start your career at Rhino

At Rhino, we’re building renting products to positively impact every renter across the country. That’s a large customer base: 42 million American homes are renter-occupied, which means no one renter is the same. To connect to our customers, it’s vital that our team has a large diversity of thought, varied work experience, and encompasses many identities. In other words, we need a team that truly reflects the vast population of renters in America. 

To do this, we’ve created opportunities at Rhino for smart, talented people early in their career to contribute and learn from others who’ve been in this game for a long time. We have learned a lot about the ways that millennials and GenZ are pushing the world forward and changing how we think about social impact. We spoke to some of our team members about the opportunities Rhino has presented them early in their careers, and why others should start their professional journey here.

1. College degree NOT required

Colleges and universities can be wonderful places for learning, but they aren’t the only places where learning happens. They are certainly not the only way to prepare for success at Rhino. We have team members who went to college, we have team members who completed certification programs and bootcamps, and we have team members who started their careers as soon as they finished high school (or even before!)

Graphic with a black background and purple and green bubbles with two quotes from two Rhino employees. The first quote reads "All of my early conversations at Rhino were focused on opportunities to grow and contribute right away." The second quote reads, "What I was interviewing, Rhino didn

The future of work isn’t about degrees, it’s about skills. Companies that over-value a college degree do a worse job of building intergenerational culture because they fall victim to outdated ways of judging talent. 

One of our support managers Ruben Castillo spoke about how he feels the belief from Rhino in his abilities, “I was trusted immediately to come in and build out something new at Rhino. I don’t know if another organization would have given me that opportunity at this point in my career.”

Graphic with a black background and a turquoise bubble with an employee quote that reads: "Anyone who comes to Rhino can trust that there
2. Intergenerational environments help everyone grow

Every member of our team has things to learn and things to teach one another, regardless of where they are in their career. At Rhino, we acknowledge that we need a variety of perspectives to build  a universal product that can help every renter. We’re introducing a new concept (tech-based security deposit insurance) to one of the oldest industries in human history—real estate.

Graphic with a black background with two quote bubbles with the first quote reading "The experience here is always fresh. Rhino does a good job of creating opportunities for new collaboration every day." The second quote reads, "At Rhino, you can always see opportunities opening up above and around you. It gives you a clearer idea of how to get there."

We create opportunities for random collaboration and conversation across teams, functions, and cities. It begins at onboarding with ‘Rhino Learn’ education sessions as well as our Oxpecker mentorship program, and persists throughout your Rhino tenure through events like random coffee chat matchups, all-company standup meetings, and neighborhood meetups.  

We’re also not afraid of asking questions, any question, to improve our team's understanding of our industry, company operations, and product. Here are two very different questions asked by members of our team that were each significant to certain initiatives at Rhino.

  1. How did property owners first react when property management software was introduced?

  2. If we change the company Instagram handle do all of our existing posts get deleted?

These questions may seem funny next to each other (because they are).They also make an important point: an intergenerational environment puts us in the position to answer all sorts of questions for the purpose of improving our business and empowering every member of our team.

A graphic against a black background with a purple bubble containing an employee quote that reads: "Seeing your ideas come to fruition in the business setting when you
3. Rhino's security deposit insurance is popular among Millennials and GenZ

The majority of renters who use Rhino are between the ages of 22 and 34. Consumer insights around the Millennial and GenZ generations highlight the uniqueness of this population and their impact on consumer behavior. These groups interface the most often with technology, care about the social causes their favorite brands and products represent, and set behavioral trends for both older and younger generations.

two purple bubbles against a black background containing employee quotes that read: "our generation has so much enthusiasm to contribute to things larger than ourselves. The draw to Rhino makes total sense," and "there

This provides young professionals with a unique opportunity because it gives them a chance to work on a product that’s actually relevant to them. They understand how their peers consume and interact with the product, providing a valuable perspective to company operations. It’s like getting a free head start on the things you’d have to learn otherwise. 

Two purple bubbles against a black background containing two employee quotes that read "working here makes me proud. The team doesn

Come join our team. If you’re talented and committed, we want you. Visit our Careers page to see our entry level positions and all other openings.

Larenz Brown

Larenz Brown is a copywriter at Rhino who wants to tell stories that empower people. He once engaged in a 365-day staredown with a security deposit and emerged victorious.