In a landscape shaped by fluctuating housing markets, economic considerations, and personal circumstances, the decision to rent rather than buy a home has become a pivotal choice for individuals across diverse backgrounds. Our panel of Rhino renters sheds light on the factors influencing this decision-making process. From the challenges posed by soaring housing prices to the nuanced considerations of personal relationships and financial stability, these renters provide a comprehensive perspective on the complexities that guide their housing choices. Join us as we delve into the thoughts and experiences of Sara W, Alexus M, Austin B, Jeanne C, and Andrea A, each offering a unique insight into the dynamics of the modern housing dilemma.

Rhino Renter Q&A

What factors influenced your decision to rent rather than buy a home?

Sara W: Houses are way out of budget with the current market

Alexus M: Currently unmarried without children

Austin B: Location mainly 

Jeanne C: Financial status

Andrea A: Affordability of a down payment for a home and current housing market inflation

What does home affordability mean to you?

Sara W: Being able to afford my other living expenses as well as my house payment

Alexus M: Having a place with affordable rent. 

Austin B: To me it's living in a place that you pay for but you find meaningful time to enjoy living there and being present rather than just using it as a base for going to and from work. 

Jeanne C: Living comfortably financially 

Andrea A: The ability to pay a mortgage and other household expenses, and still be able to maintain an acceptable quality of life for my family

Looking ahead to 2024, do you plan to continue renting or would you consider buying a home?

Sara W: Will continue renting

Alexus M: Haven't decided

Austin B: Will continue renting

Jeanne C: Plan to buy a home

Andrea A: Haven't decided


Sara W: Housing prices are ridiculously high. Most Americans in my position would agree. 

Alexus M: Not sure if I’m ready for home ownership 

Austin B: My wife and I still need more time to save before putting down a good amount for a home 

Jeanne C: Going to be merging households to save on expenses 

Andrea A: I would like to buy a home, but the housing market is very volatile, and would not want to put myself in a financial bind that would jeopardize me being able to afford my home.


The challenges highlighted by Sara, Alexus, Austin, Jeanne, and Andrea find resonance in the innovative solutions Rhino brings to the table. By mitigating financial barriers through its unique insurance alternatives, Rhino empowers renters to navigate the housing landscape with newfound flexibility and confidence. Through Rhino's commitment to reshaping the renting experience, individuals can perceive renting not merely as a stepping stone to homeownership but as a dynamic and empowering lifestyle choice.

Haley Samuels

Haley is a Consumer Marketing Manager at Rhino.