A leasing team armed with a versatile PMS is capable of incredible results. Lucky for your team, Rhino can seamlessly integrate with your property management software to improve processes and efficiencies. Rhino’s industry-leading integration list covers all major property management systems including Yardi, RealPageEntrataRent Manager and MRI.

An graphic including the names of the five PMS that integrate with Rhino: Yardi, RealPage, Rent Manager, MRI, and Entrata.

What does “integration” mean? 

When you enable Rhino to integrate with your PMS, you’re essentially connecting the two platforms together, unlocking exclusive features that automate your workflows. Right now, you likely use the Rhino to manually send invitations and check existing policy information, asking your team to  log into the Rhino Portal every time they need to complete a task. When you connect Rhino with your property management system, leasing teams can operate more easily between the two platforms.  

Why integrate? 

Leasing teams can automate renter invitations to speed up leasing, more easily access essential renter and property data, and edit and engage with renter policies in no time at all.  Rhino is available in 1.5 million homes across the country, with our integration capabilities rapidly developing to meet the needs of property owners everywhere. We’re excited to introduce more features to increase the agility and speed of leasing for all our partners. 

Here are the improvements we have made in 2021 

Reach maximum occupancy faster with automatic invitations

Invitations are auto-generated 

Rhino automatically pulls renter data directly from your PMS to create auto-invitations,  including the applicant’s name, lease address and unit, lease dates, and monthly rent. We then take that information along with your unique coverage amounts and send your renters an email with a unique application.

A graphic showing the user interface that renters see when they receive an auto-invite from Rhino
Invitations send automatically

With auto-invites, leasing agents no longer have to manually create and send invitations to renters. Once a renter completes a rental application and they’re approved, an auto-invite to join Rhino will automatically be sent to the renter immediately. 

Renters join Rhino faster

Invitations are timed for maximum conversion so renters can sign up immediately when auto-invites are triggered. Invites include vital information on how security deposit insurance works and the benefits of Rhino and are also set-up to routinely remind the approved renter to join Rhino, so you can get residents into their rental units faster. 

A graphic featuring a stat about renters who enroll with Rhino: 8 out of 10 renters who get a quote from Rhino choose to enroll

Speed up leasing and close more units with robust data 

Yardi and RealPage users access data on one platform 

Your leasing agents only have to sign-in to one platform to get all the information they need! Access the policy details, coverage amount, and the expiration date for the renter’s policy from both the Rhino Portal and your PMS.

A graphic featuring the logos from Realpage and Yardi
Customize security deposit coverage

You get the full picture when you integrate with Rhino. The leasing team has the power to customize the security deposit coverage amount for each rental unit and pertinent renter data. 

See how many renters use Rhino and where

When you integrate with Rhino, your leasing team can keep track of how many units you have covered, the coverage amount, which renters have a Rhino policy. Your team will know when and where to offer Rhino as an amenity for potential renters to boost occupancy rate. 

File a claim quickly and easily at move-out 

Need to figure out if a renter has used a cash deposit or Rhino? You could cross-compare data from your PMS and data from the Rhino Portal. Or you could simply integrate. Yardi and Realpage users can see Rhino security deposit coverage amount, policy details, and the expiration date for a policy on their property management system. Now it is easy to see if you need to file a claim or use money from a cash deposit when a renter moves out. 

Want to get started on integrating right now? 

Rhino has cut the integration time to as little as two weeks. That’s right, in just two weeks, your leasing team could have a powerful new tool to streamline leasing with Rhino, saving them time and energy that translates into more leases. 

Here’s how to get started:

Self-start integrations on RealPage 

If you’re a RealPage user, you can self-start your integration. Start your integration when you search for Rhino through the Realpage marketplace. When you find the Rhino integration, all you need to do is click “Activate Integration.”

Contact your dedicated Rhino Partner Success Rep   

Just provide your API user credentials, property data, and standard deposit amount to your Rhino Partner Success Representative, and integration team. It’s really that easy. 

Not a Rhino partner yet? Get in touch.

The rental market is becoming increasingly competitive which means you’ll need to arm your team with the best property management tech and tools to continue to profit. Industry leaders trust Rhino integrations to keep them ahead of the competition. Once Rhino has integrated with your property management system, you’ll be able to access unique features and functionalities that speed up leasing, improve your closing ratio, and most importantly, boost NOI. Don’t delayContact Partner Success to get started with integrations today. 

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KT Heins-Nagamoto

KT Heins-Nagamoto is a senior brand writer at Rhino. They advocate for security deposit alternatives and renter rights in everything they write.