Rhino has saved over $250 million for renters nationwide by helping them hold onto their cash at move-in. Delivering this financial flexibility is central to our work and informs every decision we make, especially when it comes to growing our team. Coming off of our latest $95mm funding round, we’re faced with a massive opportunity to invest in our mission and the people we serve.

The first step in doing that is doubling our headcount over the next 12 months. We’re looking to add talented people to our team (NY and distributed across the country) in order to deliver Rhino to every renter in the United States and beyond. Ask yourself these four questions to see if you’re ready to come work with a team that creates real, tangible impact.

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1. Do you see value in interrupting the status quo?

The security deposit problem is so old your grandparents probably faced it. Security deposits are widely accepted as the norm because they’ve been a part of real estate transactions for generations.

We exist because we think upfront cash deposits aren’t good enough for the way the world works anymore. We built our product because we believe eliminating cash deposits will create impact for people who need it — young professionals, families, anyone looking for a fresh start — but also because we like the challenge of updating an old system in desperate need of an update. If you like that type of challenge, you’re one of us.

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2. Do you believe in giving people real options?

What we do is actually pretty simple. The deposit system has historically been one-size-fits all with very little room for options, so we created one. Now renters can choose between paying a cash deposit or buying security deposit insurance. We also offer flexible payment options in our product like monthly or upfront payments.

If our goal is to empower renters, providing options is the first step. It’s how we give hard-working Americans the financial flexibility to make the money decisions that work best for them. Our goal actually isn’t to convince renters that Rhino should be the only option they consider, it’s to introduce choice into the burdensome move-in moment. We let our price and service do the convincing for us.

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3. Do you put impact above perfection?

Our metric of success is not creating a perfect security deposit system on day one. If it was, we’d risk losing sight of our mission to serve renters. Renters don’t care if we spend hours and hours trying to make tiny details perfect. They care about saving money. To us, things work if they save renters money and keep owners protected. If something checks that box, we put it out into the world and then commit to iterating on it until it’s as close to perfect as possible.

When we let go of the idea of perfection as a necessity, we buy into the power of incremental progress. Choosing impact over perfection helps us create a clearer picture of the things we need to do every day to get better at serving our communities.

4. Are you driven by your commitments to your communities?

Communities come in all shapes and sizes. We operate within several of them. We’ve built a community at Rhino of hundreds of people with unique talents, perspectives, and experiences. We value difference and show up for each other every day, united by the desire to financially empower 110 million American renters.

We care about empowering renters so much that we started partnering with policymakers to drive change in communities across the U.S. The public policy team at Rhino is an example of how committed we are to addressing issues of housing affordability from multiple angles. We collaborate with policymakers from cities and states across the country on legislative solutions to the housing crisis because renters deserve this advocacy.

Just because life is expensive doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. Being renter-first is a mentality as much as it is the foundation for our actual products. We lead by example with the hope that others can develop their own ways of going above and beyond for the communities of renters they serve.

Are you ready to join our team?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, Rhino is probably the place for you. Come help us innovate on our best-in-class product experience and unlock $45 billion in deposits across the country.

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Larenz Brown

Larenz Brown is a copywriter at Rhino who wants to tell stories that empower people. He once engaged in a 365-day staredown with a security deposit and emerged victorious.