There is over 40 billion dollars tied up in security deposits in the U.S.

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We’re on a mission to put more of it in renters’ pockets.

There are more people renting today than ever before - and move-in costs are too high for too many of them.

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We created Rhino to give renters more options.

By replacing traditional deposits with a small monthly fee, we’re able to cut down the cost of a new apartment significantly. That means more access to better apartments and more money to spend on, well, whatever.

We make
renting easier.

Rhino removes stress for renters and landlords alike. We’re committed to making the renting experience as simple as possible for everyone involved.

We don’t
do loans.

We want to financially empower renters, not add more debt. With Rhino, renters always pay less than their deposit would have been.

We vouch
for renters.

Rhino helps renters build credibility with future landlords. Stay in good standing with us and, when it’s time to move, we’ll provide a glowing reference.