The smart alternative to security deposits.

Renters pay a small monthly fee that doubles your protection.

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Simple, safe and free for landlords

Rhino is backed by a strong, trusted carrier. Sign up is easy.

Drive listing appeal

Lower move-in costs and attract more qualified renters.

Get double the protection

You’re covered for twice the amount of a traditional deposit.

Say goodbye to escrows

Eliminate the headaches of cash deposits for good.

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“Rhino is a no-brainer – a smart, easy-to- use product that will streamline the leasing process, no matter what side of the rent check you’re on.”

Marc Kaplan

Managing Director, Multifamily Rental Management

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Frequently asked questions about Rhino

How can I trust that Rhino will reimburse me?

Rhino New York LLC is a licensed insurance producer in New York state. When a tenant becomes a Rhino member, the landlord is covered for the rental unit automatically.

How does Rhino differ from renters insurance?

Renters insurance covers renter’s personal property against things like fire and theft. Rhino protects landlords in place of collecting security deposits from renters.

Are landlords covered for lost rent?

Yes! Rhino reimburses for lost rent and damages up to the coverage limit. Just submit a claim online and we take care of the rest. It’s quick and easy.

What if a renter stops paying Rhino?

You’re covered. Even if a tenant fails to pay our monthly fee, Rhino will reimburse landlords for any issues through the term of the lease when the renter is at fault.

What if a tenant renews their lease?

If the tenant sticks with Rhino, there’s no change. If they decide to stop using Rhino, they’ll pay a security deposit to the landlord as they normally would.

Can existing tenants use Rhino?

Absolutely. Rhino is not just for new applicants. In fact, offering Rhino to current tenants drives higher lease renewal rates and helps build long-term trust.

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Read what people are saying about Rhino.

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