How to start renting deposit-free

Rhino makes renting simpler and more affordable from apartment hunting to lease renewal.

Step 1 Choose a path, and get started.

Applying for an apartment?

Tell your broker you’re with us. If your place isn’t on Rhino yet, put us in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

Looking for a new place?

There are thousands of Rhino-ready listings available. Just tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll help you find something you’ll love.

Staying where you are?

If your building has switched over to Rhino, just sign up using your current address and your refund will be processed right away.

Step 2 Get approved instantly, anytime.

Calculate your price, risk-free

Just give us a few details and we’ll calculate your monthly price in about 60 seconds. No documentation is required to sign up.

Choose the coverage you need

Does your landlord require a guarantor or extra deposit? Just add them on during sign up and we’ll adjust your plan accordingly.

Step 3 We’ll notify your leasing team.

They’ll verify your information

Once you’ve signed up, your leasing team will make sure your information is correct. You can edit, if needed, from your dashboard.

We’ll send them proof of coverage

We’ll inform your leasing team that you have the required coverage for the apartment you’re renting and you’ll be all set to sign or renew your lease.

Step 4 That’s it! Your apartment’s covered.

You’re protected throughout your lease

Minor damage (like nail holes) is 100% covered. In cases of avoidable damage, we’ll pay your landlord for valid claims and you’ll reimburse us directly.

Renewing Rhino is easy, too

Even if you’re moving out at the end of your lease, stick with Rhino. Just update your lease information and coverage will transfer right over to your new apartment.

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