Never pay a security deposit again.

Pay a small monthly fee instead of a large deposit up front.

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Landlords are switching to
Rhino and saying goodbye to
security deposits.

Deposits are annoying for you and your landlord.
With Rhino, they're protected without the
headaches of security deposits.

Pay a small monthly fee to
join Rhino before signing
your new lease.

Membership starts as low as $19/mo for
a $2,500/mo apartment.

Rhino then insures your
landlord for your unit.

Rhino gives more protection to them which
means preferred treatment for you.

Never pay for normal
wear and tear.

Only pay for excessive damage that you
cause. If there's an issue, we'll review
the evidence and you'll only reimburse us
if you are at fault.

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Sign your lease and

Keep your cash and spend it on
literally anything you want.

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