Rhino is a replacement for security deposits. Instead of paying a large security deposit upfront for damage that probably won’t happen, you instead pay a small monthly fee for the length of your lease.

Rhino then insures your landlord for your unit. If there’s ever a claim from your landlord, we’ll review the facts and only ask you to reimburse us if you’re at fault. You’ll never pay for normal wear and tear.

Yes! More and more landlords are accepting Rhino everyday because we give them better protection without the headaches that come from administering security deposits.

Enter your address when you complete our short pricing questionnaire and we’ll tell you instantly. If your landlord doesn’t accept Rhino today, we’ll reach out and invite them to join asap.

Rhino starts at $19/mo for a $2,500/mo apartment. Our pricing is personalized for you and your rental through a short questionnaire. It’s free and takes just a minute to get your price.

We’ll review the facts and only ask you to reimburse us if you’re at fault. Learn more

Yes. You just need to be on the lease in order to use Rhino. It’s just like your utility bills. If you want all your roommates to sign up for Rhino and split the monthly fee, that’s fine too. Just contact us and we’ll get you setup.

No, Rhino is not renters insurance. Renters insurance covers your personal property against things like fire and theft. Rhino protects landlords in place of collecting security deposits from renters.

Your credit or debit card is billed monthly for the length of your lease.

We accept credit cards and debit cards.

We ask a few questions to confirm your identity, your credit history and the apartment you’re leasing.

No. We run a soft credit inquiry that does not not affect your credit score in any way. We won’t share this information with your landlord or anyone else without your permission, ever.

Yes. It’s free to check our pricing on as many apartments as you want. Use this link to change your address: Enter new address

We’ll email you a couple months before your lease ends to confirm whether you’re staying or moving. If you’re staying, you can simply renew Rhino online (or go back to leaving a large security deposit).

If you’re moving, we’ll give you a Rhino Preferred Renter Certificate to show your next landlord that will help you get approved for your next place more easily.

No problem. Just email us and we’ll give you a full refund.

Rhino is a venture-backed real estate and technology company with headquarters located in Greenwich Village, NYC. Rhino New York LLC is a licensed insurance producer and broker backed by a leading global property and casualty insurer.