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Deposit-Free™ Working

The business-friendly deposit alternative.

Swap costly upfront deposits and letters of credit for simple, affordable insurance that gives businesses room to grow.

Tenants save thousands.

Large upfront deposits can be an obstacle for any business. Rhino gets them through the door with more liquid cash to grow.

Spaces rent faster.

Lower move-in costs generate more inbound interest and Rhino’s streamlined process gets leases signed ASAP.

Losses are covered.

Rhino works like a letter of credit: owners are quickly reimbursed for lease defaults and tenants pay Rhino back for valid claims.

Simple and safe

Rhino helps tenants give landlords the assurance they need without the hassles of traditional deposits or letters of credit.

Standardized documentation

Everything’s online for every lease for hassle-free insurance tracking and management.

Long-term lease support

Update or renew coverage easily to accommodate changing lease terms and business needs.

Comprehensive coverage

Get the same lease default protection as you would from cash deposits or letters of credit.

Streamlined process

We partner with brokers

Prospective tenants are educated about Rhino right away and leases get signed faster.

Signup is simple

Applicants get their invite, click the link and complete their enrollment online.

Flexible pricing

Coverage plans are adjustable to meet leasing requirements and tenants needs.

No costly letters of credit

Tenants just pay an annual fee for our policy—no collateral required.

Want to know more?

Just tell us why you're interested in Rhino and we'll put you in touch with the best person to talk to.