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Deposit-Free™ Living

More Secure.
Less up front.

Landlords and residents across the country are ditching deposits for simpler, safer lease protection that benefits both sides.

Residents save thousands.

Large upfront deposits can deter even the most qualified renters. Rhino gets them through the door with more cash in their pockets.

Spaces rent 30% faster.

Lower move-in costs generate more inbound interest and Rhino’s streamlined process gets applicants approved ASAP.

Losses are covered.

Owners are reimbursed instantly for excessive damage and unpaid rent. Residents pay Rhino back only if they’re at fault.

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Better than a guarantor

Deposit-Free Living™ helps applicants give landlords the assurance they need without breaking the bank.

No upfront service fees

Replace security deposits, pre-paid rent, and guarantors with one affordable monthly payment.

Custom pricing plans

Monthly payments are based on the amount of coverage landlords require to secure the lease.

All backgrounds welcome

Rhino covers a wide range of applicants, from international citizens to full-time students.

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Streamlined process

Deposit-Free™ listings

Apartment hunters can easily find Rhino-ready residences on all major listings sites.

Simple signup

Applicants get their invite, click the link and complete their enrollment in about 60 seconds.

Instant approval

Renters just confirm their plan, choose their payment method and they’re all set to go.

Affordable pricing

Plans typically cost less than 1% of the monthly rent, with flexible pricing for any situation.

Stress-free Deposit Management for landlords

Tired of escrows and paperwork? Rhino can also collect deposit payments on your behalf. We’ll reimburse you for any damage or lost rent and take care of returning the rest when the lease is up.

Want to know more?

Just tell us why you're interested in Rhino and we'll put you in touch with the best person to talk to.