Better for renters. Better for landlords.

We make renting easier. Rhino is the new option replacing security deposits.

Close leases faster

Advertise 'NO SECURITY DEPOSIT' and attract more qualified applicants.

Renters save big upfront

Renters save thousands upfront when they skip the security deposit.

Safe and free for landlords

Landlords get double the protection without the headaches of cash deposits.

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“Rhino is a great closing tool for agents. Delivering value to both renters and landlords is a great story to tell. We're excited to be working with Rhino.”

Jordan Sachs

CEO, Bold New York


New applicants learn about Rhino.

Rhino is presented to renters as a new option instead of the upfront security deposit.


Get a quote and pay in 60 seconds.

Renters get their personalized quote, starting at $19/mo for a $2,500/mo apartment.


Sign the lease without a security deposit.

Brokers and landlords are notified once a renter signs up. All they have to do is sign the lease.

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Frequently asked questions about Rhino

Why do landlords perfer Rhino?

Rhino gives landlords better protection for each unit and increases demand for vacant units by lowering the upfront costs for renters.

Why do renters prefer Rhino to traditional deposits?

Rhino lowers the upfront costs of moving for renters making it more affordable to lease a new apartment. They just pay a small monthly fee instead of the large upfront deposit.

How much does Rhino cost renters?

Rhino starts at $19/mo for a $2,500/mo apartment. Pricing is personalized for every renter based on a number of factors including income and monthly rent.

Can renters with roommates use Rhino?

Yes, only one individual on the lease needs to sign up for Rhino. It's like a utility bill, where one person takes responsibility for payment.

How does Rhino differ from renters insurance?

Renters insurance covers renter's personal property against things like fire and theft. Rhino protects landlords in place of collecting security deposits from renters.

Who is behind Rhino and where are they based?

Rhino is a venture backed real estate and technology company with headquarters in NYC. Rhino New York LLC is backed by a leading global insurer.

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Read what people are saying about Rhino.

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Read what people are saying about Rhino.

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