Your leasing agility: it’s your ability to stay nimble and on target, despite what the market throws your way. It’s your capacity to move quality applicants forward in the leasing process without compromise, scale success, and meet (and exceed) expectations for better NOI. It’s the path you’ve built to streamline move-ins, and optimize operations for peak efficiency. 

See how your leasing agility fares against the top-performing real estate enterprises in the U.S. 

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What influences leasing agility 

Every property deserves a leasing strategy that fits its unique portfolio and market position. The better the strategy, the more agile a team can be in filling vacancies, capturing the best applicants, and improving NOI. Most leasing strategies are directly influenced by:

  • The tools that are available in your team’s leasing toolkit

  • Nuances related to the market and season that you’re in

  • Your understanding of applicant interests, priorities, and preferences

Your ability to be efficient will always come down to how easy it is to fill gaps in these key areas, and deploy a framework that aligns well with your goals. 

It’s what top real estate enterprises in NYC, Miami, Los Angeles, and more use to become the most competitive players in the industry: finding gaps quickly, and taking action with future-forward next steps. 

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How leasing agility varies across enterprises

U.S. property owners that invest in their leasing agility fall into three main buckets: you’re a trailblazer, you’re a challenger, or you’re in need of a boost

If your leasing agility matches that of the industry’s brightest trailblazers, then you’re securing leases at lightning speed. If you’re on par with industry challengers, then you’re hitting a stride that could use some fuel to reach new levels of efficiency. If you’re in need of a boost, then it’s time to work smarter and not harder, and evolve your approach to meet new industry standards and norms. 

These assessments are made independent of property size or market — it all comes down to how quickly they can identify gaps in their strategies, fill them efficiently, and push forward with tools that scale with them.

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Jessica White

Jessica White is a senior writer at Rhino who considers herself a queen of small victories. She believes that every renter’s biggest win is kicking cash deposits to the curb.