Renters and potential homeowners have been flocking to Austin, Texas for years now. There, residents can enjoy more living space at an affordable price and attractive architectural styles signature to the city.  Plus, renters are getting older and their needs are changing, with more of them seeking classic homes to rent over apartments. Sometimes, the best way for renters to get what they need is to relocate to a more economically-priced (but still fun and hip!) city, like Austin.

Not only is Austin known for being one of the best cities with high incomes and a low cost of living, it’s also known for having low rental prices. Incentives like these have been drawing new residents from more expensive cities in California, New York, and around the country.

Another upside to living in Austin is that there’s plenty to do! You can catch a flick or concert at the renowned South by Southwest Festival, take a stroll on the self-guided scenic Tejano Walking Trail, or spend a culturally enriching afternoon at the Greek Revival style Neill-Cochran House. There are countless local treasures, making it a fun and exciting place to relocate to and invest in a new home.

Here’s a list of some of the the dazzling architecture that Austin has to offer, with a wide array of house styles that are sure to match your taste.

Spanish and Mediterranean Styles

Given the region’s history as part of the Spanish empire until 1821 and part of Mexico until 1836, it’s no surprise that Spanish Revival and Mediterranean Revival style homes are some of the most popular in the Austin area.

Locals will recognize the style right away — an emphasis on stucco walls and stone accents, wide arches and verandas, courtyards, and excellent indoor-outdoor circulation via French doors; these homes are usually topped with a signature terracotta tile roof. Reviving classic elements from Spanish and Mediterranean architecture to exude comfort in timeless and stylish surroundings, these are some of the most iconic Austin homes.

Image of Spanish and Mediterranean style homes in Austin, Texas


While single-family houses still make up the vast majority of home sales in the Austin area, there has been a noticeable trend towards more urban models of development in recent years. The townhomes in the area have become a popular home style that is both low-maintenance, modern, and perfect for both single families and couples

Since townhouses often don’t include as many square feet as other  homes or as much land as stand-alone properties, their affordability is very appealing especially for single-family home renters. Many include access to amenities like swimming pools, on-site parks and trails, fitness centers, and maintenance provided by the association, adding to their status as one of the most popular types of houses in Austin. Townhouses in this region can be found in centralized neighborhoods like Downtown Austin, Cherrywood and Clarksville. Other great location for townhouses include East Austin (East Cesar Chavez, Holly and Rosewood) to sleepier regions like Northwest Austin (Windsor Park, University Hills, and Coronado Hills).

Image of a townhome style house in Austin, Texas

Queen Anne

Victorian-style architecture, named for Victoria, Queen of England from 1837-1891, was the dominant style from the late 1800’s to early 1900’s. The American Queen Anne style is known for its asymmetrical facades, prominent gables, covered porches, towers in a variety of shapes, blending of different wall textures and treatments, off-center front doors, and large bay windows.

While Queen Anne style homes are known to be larger in size--there are also small houses within this type of architecture. Simple and cozy, the Queen Anne style cottage shares many characteristics with larger Queen Anne homes with a modest, compact, single-story design. Gabled and cantilevered roofs feature prominently in Queen Anne cottages, along with long wrap-around porches.

While you can find a Queen Anne style across different neighborhoods, Hyde Park is especially known for their astonishing examples of Victorian homes.

Image of Queen Anne style homes in Austin, Texas

Craftsman Bungalows

While the Craftsman Bungalow is a relative of the ornate American Victorian (including the Queen Anne), this particular style typically features a steep roof, an open floor plan on the ground level and a simplified front porch. 

Originally conceived in the early to mid-20th century for middle-class families, Craftsman-style homes feature several family-friendly aspects like backyards, lawns, and spacious living rooms. While some may be one story ranch-style homes, others may have more complex rooflines with overhangs or dormers. Many of these kinds of homes can be found in established Austin neighborhoods like Allandale, Crestview, Brentwood, and Hyde Park.

Image of Craftsman style homes in Austin, Texas

Hill Country Homes

Hill Country architecture has evolved over the span of a century, from rustic log cabins to the sleek and sophisticated lodge-style contemporary home.  A great number of Austin TX homes, as well as homes in the surrounding regions carry some or all of the hallmarks of Hill Country style: open floorplans, large square footage, and a sense of rusticness combined with modern comfort.

With its origins in the homes built by the European craftsmen who settled in the Hill Country, masonry is a common feature, especially using local white limestone, often mixed with wood elements like timber siding and exposed beams under a high pitched roof.

Over time, the Hill Country style expanded to include elements of Modern, Spanish Revival,  and Contemporary elements. 

Image of Hill Country style homes in Austin, Texas

These are just a few of the many amazing types of homes you’re likely to find in Austin, TX. If you're looking to rent a single family home and save your security deposit, you can find a no-fee home thanks to Rhino. We partner with local property managers including Homerock, Darwin Homes, or Omnikey Texas. Whatever you choose, homes in Austin come with incredible perks and an abundance of space, all at affordable rates.

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