Craving fresh air close to a capital city? You and a lot of other renters relocating to Salt Lake City, Utah. SLC is the fastest-growing city in the nation

Gorgeous Salt Lake City is encircled by snowy mountain ranges including the Wasatch Range in the east, and Oquirrh Mountains in the west, and it’s close to the Great Salt Lake. The city is perfect for people who love summer hiking and winter ski season, but also for those who want to live in a rapidly developing and thriving urban environment. Afterall, why would you choose between outdoor adventure and city life when you could have both?

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If you have your heart set on Salt Lake City, it’s important to research the best Salt Lake City neighborhoods to determine which type of home and community is right for you and your family. 

Your guide to the best neighborhoods in Salt Lake City

Sugar House

Location: Sugar House is ten minutes south of downtown Salt Lake City. It’s close to the University of Utah and Westminster College, with easy access to Utah’s ski mountains and ski resorts. 

Perfect for: Young professionals, families of all ages, students who attend University of Utah and Westminster College

Average rent: The average rent for an apartment in Sugar House is only $1,232.

What makes Sugar House so popular?

Sugar House has something for everyone. The vibrant neighborhood is one of the oldest in Salt Lake City with charming Victorian and Tudor homes and upscale apartments that attract growing families and young professionals alike. Its proximity to good public schools and universities appeal to parents, as does its community of lively bars, restaurants, music venues, yoga studios, and coffee shops. Sugar House’s distinct character is shaped by local businesses. Those who live an active lifestyle can enjoy urban hiking and running at Sugar House Park in the spring and summer, and skiing on the Wasatch Mountain Range in the winter. 

Things to do in Sugar House:
9th and 9th

Location: 9th and 9th is ten minutes east of downtown Salt Lake City. It’s a quiet community just two blocks from Liberty Park, between sleepy Yalecrest and busy Central City. 

Perfect for: Millennials and their families, retirees, homebuyers and home renters, anyone who wants to live like a local 

Average rent: The average rent for an apartment around this area is only $1,252

What makes 9th and 9th so popular?

This attractive neighborhood has been called a mini Sugar House before, as it's a lush residential neighborhood with a small population of active locals. People who live in 9th and 9th cherish their adorable bungalows and petite two-three bedroom homes. With its own collection of local shops and a high walkability score, 9th and 9th is like a small town inside of a big city. Residents enjoy SLC’s Centered City Yoga and the historic Tower Theatre, home to the Salt Lake City Film Society, just a few of SLC’s cultural treasures close to home. 

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Things to do in 9th and 9th:
  • Cyclists of all skill levels will love Contender Bicycles in the 9th and 9th neighborhood.

  • After biking all morning, stop for an afternoon or evening brew at East Liberty Taphouse.

  • Find a fresh meal at Pago, one of Salt Lake City’s best farm-to-table restaurants.

Wasatch Hollow

Location: Wasatch Hollow is located just south of the Yalecrest neighborhood and three blocks from Liberty Park. It’s just a ten minute drive from downtown Salt Lake City. It also is conveniently close to the Bonneville Golf Course

Perfect for: Categorized as a sparse suburb, this neighborhood is ideal for young families who need access to above average public schools or individuals who love outdoor recreation.

Average rent: The average rent for an apartment around this area is $1,613.

What makes Wasatch Hollow so popular?

The farther you are from downtown, the quieter your neighborhood will be. Family-friendly Wasatch Hollow is like some place out of a movie, with rolling green hills, willow trees, and pitch blue skies. The neighborhood is home to Wasatch Hollow Preserve and Wasatch Hollow Park, with more than 11-acres of open space with trails and natural creeks running through both properties. This bountiful green space is home to many birds and so much wildlife wildlife, and it is open for all nearby residents who consider these two properties the central jewels of the neighborhood

Things to do in Wasatch Hollow:
Central City

Location: The heart of downtown Salt Lake City 

Perfect for: Working professionals, new graduates, people who love nightlife or who want to downsize to live in downtown

Average rent: The average rent for an apartment around this area is $1,613.

What makes Central City so popular?

Location, location, location; Central City is located in downtown Salt Lake City with indie music venues, art galleries, and gastro-pubs galore. Truly if you want to experience Salt Lake City’s laidback nightlife, the place to move is here. 

A photo of two women enjoy lunch and cocktails on an outdoor patio in Salt Lake City

You can find an incredible luxury apartment in Central City, perfect for the newly working professional who needs more convenient amenities to balance work and play. Residents who choose to live in Central City also have the option of replacing their security deposit with Rhino. Gateway 505 and Encore are the neighborhood’s premiere luxury communities, both of which offer Rhino to save their renters thousands of dollars at move-in. 

Things to do in Central City:
  • Residents in Central City rave about the brunch scene, with beloved neighborhood restaurants such as The Park Cafe and Tradition

  • Spend an idle afternoon at Tracy Aviary & Botanical Gardens, where you can see wild birds such as flamingos and soak in the sun surrounded by flora and fauna. 

  • Begin an evening of bar hopping at Varley, a cool speakeasy-style cocktail club. 

Capitol Hill/Marmalade

Location: Capitol Hill is built on a hill overlooking the downtown area. The western slope of Capitol Hill is called the Marmalade District.

Perfect for: Renters looking for a distinct turn-of-the-century style home 

Average rent: The average rent in Capitol Hill is currently $1,475.

What makes Capitol Hill/Marmalade so popular? 

Capitol Hill is named for Salt Lake City’s capitol building at the Utah State Capitol, built in this neighborhood because of its location overlooking the downtown area. This eclectic residential neighborhood is home to some of Utah’s most distinguished homes and historic buildings. Decades-old gothic revival homes and mansions, victorian homes, and adobe houses line the streets. 

Things to do in Capitol Hill/Marmalade:

Location: Located just south of the University of Utah, and a fifteen minute car ride from downtown.  

Perfect for: Renters who love historic residential neighborhoods like Capitol Hill will find similar historic homes in Yalecrest, where streets are named after Ivy League or major U.S. universities. 

Average rent: The average rent for an apartment around this area is $1,252, but a house could cost more to rent in this upscale neighborhood. 

What makes Yalecrest so popular?

The living is easy in Yalecrest, which has the largest collection of quaint English cottages and English Tudors, French Norman, and Spanish Colonial-style homes. The neighborhood’s development dates back to 1920, and its architectural beauty and its sidewalk culture create a warm and welcoming environment for new residents. Those who live in Yalecrest also have access to Miller Bird Refuge and Nature Park, Sunnyside Park near University of Utah, and Laird Park

Things to do in Yalecrest:
  • Take your family to Hogle Zoo for an afternoon well spent learning about animals in their natural habitat. 

  • Catch a concert at Red Butte Garden, located on the campus of the University of Utah. The outdoor concert series includes Kenny Loggins and EmmyLou Harris. 

The Avenues

Location: “The Aves” is located northeast of downtown Salt Lake City and east from Capitol Hill, over City Creek Canyon. 

Perfect for: Artsy types, outdoorsy types, or anyone interested in living in Salt Lake City’s very first neighborhood.

Average rent: The average rent for an apartment in The Avenues is currently $1,050.

What makes The Avenues so popular?

The Avenues is a quirky neighborhood with so much trail access and an eclectic collection of local eateries and shops. The Avenues has 22 streets of brick bungalows and Victorians, this architectural combination of homes giving the neighborhood its unique character.  Residents in The Avenues have their pick for hiking the day away with easy access to 15-acre Lindsey Park, Twin Peak, City Creek Canyon, Bonneville Shoreline, and Terrace Hills year-round. True locals enjoy The Avenues’ signature Street Fair where local art is displayed and sold for two days every September.

A photo of a trailhead sign at Ensign Peak in Salt Lake City
Things to do in The Avenues:
  • Spend your morning at Memory Grove Park, a green space with historic monuments, open lawns, an off-leash area for your pups, and picnic tables. 

  • Purchase art from local artists at the People’s Art Gallery, a street fair held once per year every September.

How to save money when you move to Salt Lake City 

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